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ITI Group (formerly Cimlogic) offer complete digital manufacturing solutions and services: improving efficiency and maximising productivity, whilst ensuring optimum performance and fast ROI. We connect your operations, harnessing the power of your data to enable insightful decision-making with manufacturing analytics.

About ITI Group

ITI Group develops and integrates digital transformation solutions for Energy, Nuclear and Industrial manufacturing sectors. We advance safe, secure and sustainable operations through the innovative use of technology.

Through digital technology, industrial automation and increased safety and security, ITI Group helps clients achieve tangible business value from innovative, intelligent solutions.  ITI Group solutions enable connectivity, collaboration and real-time data intelligence.

At the heart of ITI Group is a complete commitment to innovation and transformation. Our people are practical, insightful and dynamic with a personal approach.

We act responsibly, focusing on safety and security, working with integrity at all times to deliver excellence through collaboration, experience and know-how.

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The integrated OEE system will provide consistently accurate machine loss information, which saves time for operators (replacing manual entry) and allows engineers to quickly evaluate improvements due to data accuracy.

Bernard Longmore – VP Engineering

CooperVision’s new OEE system will provide an essential indicator for operations. It will integrate with the production plan to identify if we are ahead or behind schedule and show where we have issues that are causing downtime. The data generated will drive action and make the right diagnosis to provide real root causes and long-term fixes.

Matthew Bridge – Production Manager

We saw efficiency benefits from TrakSYS™ immediately. Our OEE at the Wednesbury plant improved by almost 4 percentage points in the first few months after installation, putting us on track for a 10 percentage point improvement in the first year. TrakSYS™ has finally allowed us to ditch our old, inaccurate manual data collection system. Finally we have real-time performance information at our fingertips.

Frank Dochery - Production Manager
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